bières de santé, tisanes de bonheur!

Healthy beers, happy teas !

We love to brew... my equipment on little wheels makes me call it the BREW-ette.

We love good health and I've spent two years to get the Brussels' diploma of herbalist.

Don't hesitate to ask questions about beer to

About beers, I prefer ales (natural fermentation with 3 stages) and use dry yeast from Fermentis, I wash it and reuse till 5 times.

From 2009, I've created 114 recipes, more currently with medicinal herbs. For first try, I use sometimes a small batch (20 liters) called Brewmaster, a german equipment with advantage of automatic driving. My current BREW-ette is 100 liters large, with 3 stainsteel barrels.

In France we need to pay tax about alcool, around 30ct per liter. I'm proud to be the smaller contributor in France.